Why CPFilms and LLumar Magnum??



 LLumar Magnum safety security films are designed through a new strategic partnership between CPFilms and DuPont Teijin film.  While the two companies have worked together since the 1980’s, the new alliance is committed to bringing expanded expertise and new products to the commercial films market.


CPFilms, the largest manufacturer of window film and the leader in the safety and security film industry, is the only company in the world to perform all functions of the widow film process in a single facility. There is no outsourcing of components so quality control is excellent. The company’s LLumar Magnum brand films are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified 70,000 sq ft plant in Martinsville, Va. CPFilms is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solutia, Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri.


DuPont Teijin produces biaxally oriented Mylar brand polyester films.  With the physical strength needed to control shattering and the optical properties desired for visual clarity.  Mylar polyester films are the optimal choice for safety and security window films.  The safety and security films are multilayer products, each layer and manufacturing process has the ability to add distortion, so starting with polyester that has the highest visual clarity is key to having an optically clear end product in LLumar Magnum.  This clarity level is seen in no other product in the security film industry.  These results can be seen in the products installed on customer glazing.


Though CPFilms makes many products for the industrial market, those products involve the technologies and base of polyester films and the varying processes that can create new and exciting products for many industries (i.e.….Xerox incorporates a film covered cylinder in some of their copiers, Indiglo Watches utilize a film that transfers the light throughout the face of the watch).  CPFilms’ focus of polyester films and the processes therein have given the company the title of leader and innovator in the industry.  Other Manufacturers have so many different products that window film is a very small percentage of the overall scope of the company.  In those manufacturers, quality and dealer support in the window film industry cannot be of high priority.


Other major factors involved in quality, longevity, and clarity in security film products involve the adhesives used to laminate layers of films together as well as the adhesive used in mounting the films to the glass.  In the industry, there are varying types of pressure sensitive adhesives.   Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive systems offer lower distortion levels because they do not have to be coated as thick to accomplish the required amount of tact to the glazing unit.  This allows for ease of installation as well as less mess during installation. CPFilms has had great success through the years with these acrylic based adhesive systems reducing failure rates due to adhesives failures to nothing.  Detack adhesive coatings required extra steps during installation as they have a coating directly on the adhesive that must be washed away before application.  Issues arising from these adhesive systems can range from messy installation, film failure due to improper washing or leaving behind some residue of the coating between the film and glass.  Optical clarity can also be compromised as these adhesives tend to be coated thicker onto the polyester creating more distortion.


Quality, clarity, dealer support, complete product lines for solar control and security films, ease of installation, and longevity are all components  of which CPFilms prides itself and continues to pursue to remain the leader in the safety and security film industry.

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