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Windows are an important part of any home or office building and play a major role in regulating heat and energy.  They expose beautiful views and allow natural light to brighten the room.  However, they also create a host of problems ranging from excessive glare, heat build-up and high energy costs to the premature fading of carpets, furniture and window coverings. 

Llumar solar control window films have been scientifically designed with the latest state-of-the-art technology to allow you to open the drapes or blinds and enjoy the view by reducing the harsh glare while controlling the sun’s harmful rays without distorting the view.  It makes your home, office or commercial building more comfortable and reduces air conditioning costs by rejecting up to 79% of incoming solar energy, protects carpets, drapes, furniture and artwork by cutting damaging ultraviolet transmission by 99%.

Many films qualify for rebates from Tampa Electric Company in Hillsborough County and Duke Energy in Pinellas and Pasco Counties.


Llumar has th largest selection of solar control window films in the world.  Their extensive selection of films include:


Reflective Series

Reflective films feature reflectance on both interiors and exteriors for superior reduction in summer cooling costs and heat retention in winter.  Providing a high level of glare and heat control, they are scratch-resistant, reducing 99% of damaging UV rays, and are available in earth tones, sky tones, silver and gold to meet your aesthetic goals.


Dual-Reflective Series

Dual-Reflective films are highly reflective on the exterior; lower on the interior, which helps provide clear day and night views.  Traditionally specified on commercial buildings, Dual-Reflective films are also popular for Sun Belt residential applications. They are scratch-resistant, shield 99% of UV rays, and provide excellent heat rejection.


Low-E Series

Low-E films provide superior energy conservation by reducing winter heat loss through windows.  It is scratch-resistant, shields 99% of UV rays, reduces glare and has the highest heat rejection of all Llumar films.  It is suitable for commercial application where summer and winter energy control is a major concern.


Deluxe Series

Deluxe films are specified for commercial buildings where high levels of heat rejection and glare reduction are needed.  Deluxe films are ideal for exterior aesthetics.  They are scratch-resistant, reduce 99% of UV rays, and come in gray, green and bronze.


Neutral Series

Neutral films reduce glare, provide moderate heat rejection and are specified where a soft, neutral appearance is desired.  These films are made with sputtered technology.  Neutral films are scratch-resistant and shield 99& of UV rays.


Exterior Series

Exterior Series films are specifically designed to be applied to the exterior side of the glass and are highly reflective to provide excellent heat rejection performance.


UV Clear Series

UV Clear film is the ideal solution for protecting valuable from sun damage.  It provides the highest protection against harmful UV rays without altering glass aesthetics.

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Spectrally Selective Series

Spectrally Selective films provide a virtually invisible appearance, energy savings, aesthetics, and up to 74% visible light transmission.  These films are the top choices for exclusive retail and prime commercial real estate as well as residential applications.


Here is a link to Llumar window films’ performance specifications.  Our knowledgeable sales associate can quickly and easily assess your particular needs, review your available options and make a recommendation so that you can decide which film best suits your particular situation.

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