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There are many advantages that our high impact window films have provided to home and business owners alike throughout West Central Florida. What our long list of satified clients has appreciated is protection from:

  Smash-and-Grab Theft

Llumar Magnum security film offers invisible protection for your home or business and its contents 24-7-365. Although it’s true if a thief wants to get into your home or business, he’s going to get in. However, time is the intruder’s enemy. Often times a potentially devastating robbery is thwarted by simply slowing down the attempt. It’s not likely that a thief will spend a lot of time beating on a window and making a lot of noice for long.  It's more likely that he moves on to the next easier opportunity. At the very LEAST, the film will slow down an intruder long enough for you to get to an alarm button - or load your gun.


Advantages of High Impact Security Window Film:


Many homeowners and homeowner’s associations don’t like to see unsightly dark or reflective windows. Our films offer invisible protection and are available in a several shades including clear.


                              Passive Protection

Unlike any other window protection device, there’s no need to install or deploy Llumar Magnum’s 8mil safey/security window film every time there’s a need for protection. Our films are permanently installed with a lifetime warranty to ensure that they continue to protect your investment without any effort on your part for years to come. 


Solar Control Properties

Llumar Magnum security films are available in a variety of solar control tints and even clear. No other impact protection device offers energy saving heat rejection. Safety and security window films can effectively pay for themselves in energy savings alone. Additionally, no other impact protection product protects your homes contents from damaging ultraviolet rays as well.


Llumar Magnum high impact security window film installed by Sundown Glass Tinting is THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE method of protecting your home from intruders and potential disaster. Then there’s the long term savings. Each year that goes by our film is saving you money in reduced energy costs, adding years to the life of your air conditioning system by reducing its use and deferring the cost of replacing it. Saving you money by adding years to the life of your carpets, drapes, hardwood floors, pictures and photos on the wall by reducing ultra violet rays 99%. No other window security product on the market gives you more bang for the buck. Sundown Glass Tinting’s lean-and-mean management style ensures that we can offer you the highest quality professional installation at the most competitive rates.


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