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Sundown Glass Tinting has a long history of over three decades covering thousands of homes across the state of Florida with the highest quality impact resistant security and solar control window films in the industry.

Our team of professionally trained, seasoned window film technicians come highly recommended and we have a long list of local references to back that up.  Most single family homes can be completed in one day.  Installations are usually quick and painless but never rushed.  Making sure the glass is clean is the most important part of the installers job.  Every square inch of glass is scraped with a razor scraper. Any excess glazing adhesive is then cut from the edges. Any debris will come from the edges and we strive to ensure that the edge of the film is as close to the edge of the glass as possible without collecting any debris. The glass is squeegeed clean, the film is spueegeed onto the glass, the edges trimmed, and then it is squeegeed clean.  The process looks quite simple when you watch an experienced installer do it.  However, it’s not as easy as an experienced installer makes it look.  We always use clean white drop cloths for the floor and towels for the window sill.  We will move any furniture that needs moving and remove and replace any blinds that needs be.  We have built our business on our reputation.  Each prospective customer is provided a list of local references and we can also be found on Angie’s List, a very reputable nationwide referral service.  We encourage our prospective customers to contact any of our previous customers and ask their opinion.  How do you like the film?  How do you like the installation?  How did you like the service you received?  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  Like any business, occasionally an installation doesn’t go down “like clockwork”.  We will miss a beat or something doesn't go down as smoothly as we would like.  It’s how a company deals with adversity that shows true character.  When something doesn’t quite meet our (or your) rigorous standards it is an opportunity to either look like a hero and save the day, or not and look like a real jerk!  It’s just a piece of film….. and the labor it takes to replace it verses your satisfaction and all the references Sundown Glass Tinting could be getting...or not.  It’s really a no-brainer. 



Every job is unique and every customer has different opinions and ideas.  Our friendly and knowledgeable sales associate is not only a sales associate, he is also a master film installer with decades of hands-on installation experience.  We will take a look at your particular project and explain the many options available.  We never  use high pressure sales tactics.  We can quickly cut through the hype that many salesmen deliver and easily narrow your options down to just a few that may suit your unique situation.  We can also coordinated our efforts with condominium associations, architects, engineers or builders.  It is our job to inform and educate the homeowner. It is very important that the homeowner is aware and understands the many subtle nuances of the job and know what to expect so that there are no surprises.  We will then leave you with some samples, make some recommendations and then you can make an educated decision what’s best for your home.  Of course, estimates are always free.



Courtalds Performance Films, manufacturer of Llumar solar control and Llumar Magnum impact resistant security window films is the oldest and largest window film manufacturer in the world.  With dozens of films to choose from, CPFilms has the largest selection of shades, colors and specialty films in the industry.  Choices include films for every conceivable purpose including , reflective solar control, non-reflective solar control, nano-ceramic solar control, high impact security, exterior, specialty frosted, opaque and colored, clear UV protection, graffiti protective, even low E.



Solar control window films reduce heat, glare and damaging ultra violet rays.  Llumar’s solar control window films are available in more shades and colors than any other manufacturer.  They are protected by a superior scratch resistant coating to ensure their optical clarity and prevent damage to the film from abrasion.  Some are highly reflective and reduce heat gain from solar radiation as much as 80% and reducing energy costs as much as 40%.  Our nano-ceramic films are spectrally selective. These films allow more visible light transmission, have higher heat rejection and have a less reflective appearance than metallized films.  Many  Llumar solar control window films qualify for incentives from TECO and Duke Energy and all of them are recommended products by the Skin Cancer Foundation because they reduce cancer causing ultra violet rays by 99%.



High impact security window films are available either clear or with solar control tinting.  They are also available either 2, 4, 8, 11 or 15 mils thick.  Our 8 mil film is the most popular as it is the only one that has been tested and has successfully passed the Miami-Dade County Large Missile Impact Test (ASTM E1886 and E1996).  Llumar Magnum, manufactured by CPFilms Inc. is the first film in the industry to have passed these stringent tests and documentation can be found at this link. These high impact films are specifically designed to protect your home, office or business from smash and grab theft and other potential disasters.  When applied to your window they will maintain the building envelope by holding the glass in place after it is broken to help prevent any penetration.

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