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Sundown Glass Tinting has been  installing window film across the State of Florica for over thirty years, offering a wide variety of solar control and impact resistant safety and security window films to meet our customers' needs.  With outstanding customer service and a complete line of window films to choose from, you can count on expert advice and guidance on finding the optimal solution that is right for you.

The Installation Process

Most residential window film installations can be done within a week and are completed in a day. We will move any furniture that you don't mind us handling, take down any bliinds that may be in the way, then clean your windows like they've never been cleaned before! Making sure the glass is clean is the most important part of any window film installation. Every square inch gets scraped with a razor blade. Any goop around the edges will get cleaned out, then the last few specs of dust on the glass will be squeegeed off, leaving it sparkling clean. We have clean white dcrop cloths for the floor and towels for the window sill. The window film has a liner that protects the adhesive. The liner is removed exposing the adhesive, the film is sprayed with water and then applied to the glass.The film is then squeegeed onto the glass removing as much water from under the film as possible, then the excess film is trimmed from the edges and the film is then cleaned of any smudges of finger prints leaving it cleaner than it ever was before.  Solar control window films require about 30 days to dry completely after installation. High impact security films require as much as 60 days to dry completely. During the drying process the film may take on an orange peel like texture, or may show squeegee streaks, or have a hazy appearance for a short while.

All of these things will clear up. Usually within a day or so. However some may last a bit longer depending on the type of film, the exposure to the sun, the weather, and of course, how hard the film was squeegeed down.


Service AFTER the sale

In a perfect world there's no need...until you buy another home or decide to do another window or two.  However, in THIS world things don't always go as planned. I am a professional service provider and NOBODY provides more professional service in MY industry than I do! I have been installing window film across the state of Florida for many years, and I have a looooong list of satisfied customers. I don't screw around with customer satisfaction. I build my business on my reputation and I'm very proud of it. It is my policy to satisfy my customers, NO MATTER WHAT (within reason).  If you have a problem with my window films or my window film installation service FOR ANY REASON just call me and I'll fix it. It's no beg deal - it's a piece of film.  Your satisfaction and my reputation are much more valuable than a piece of film.


Contact us today at (813) 936-9339 - our staff is looking forward to working with you!  

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